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Visual Art – Atlanta, GA

I was born in San Diego, California but raised in both Alabama and Georgia. I'm typically laid back, down to earth, and more introverted but at times I crave interaction among my closest friends for a night out. I graduated from Valdosta State University with a BFA in Mass Media with emphasis on video production. I have a large background in art and since I am a folk artist, I felt no need to major in art but instead, focus my energy in film an photography. I started drawing when I was 8 and painting at 16 when I officially declared myself an actual artist. At age 15 I won an all expense paid trip to Florence, Italy, through the Frank Ski Kids Foundation, to study the art world of Florence - the birthplace of the Renaissance. The following year I was selected as a student in Valdosta State's Governor's Honors Program to study and broaden my perspective in traditional art. I spent most of my time in school trying to perfect my craft in art and photography. Currently, I've started growing my own business in the arts while I work gigs in the film industry and anything else related to my field. ...more