Kreativ Kharma

Fashion – Detroit, MI

Kreativ Kharma is all about using life experiences, good and bad to produce positive energy in the world by using your hands to create. The founder of Kreativ Kharma, Ms. Keonna Turner (Ke J) is a working plus size model/aspiring actress and up and coming designer from Detroit, MI. From the humble beginnings of making Barbie clothes from socks, to learning to crochet at the age 8, taking sewing lessons in her spare time, and being blessed with an internship at WSU Garment District, this talented young lady has finally stepped out on faith as a designer. Kreativ Kharma was first revealed Oct 2017 at Fashion Weekend Detroit. Through kind words of encouragement from fellow designers, models, family and friends, Kreativ Kharma is on its way to becoming a well known brand locally and abroad.. ...more