Krista Bertrand Hair

Beauty – Vancouver, BC

My name\'s Krista and I love hair! I grew up in a small town and was a pretty big tomboy up until my later years. I grew up in a town called Tappen near Shuswap lake, then moved to Mission when I was 15 with my mom, step dad and sister. There I finished high school and set off to college to become a social worker. I\'m sure you can guess that it didn\'t turn out the way I saw it. I really didn\'t like social work, as anyone has met me knows, I feel other peoples emotions and tend to feel them the way I would if they were my own. Needless to say, social work was not the profession for me. I went into hair in 2006 and began working in a salon mere months after. I have jumped around from salon to salon trying to find a place where I fit in and I have finally found it in fashion and art and at my current salon, where I can connect and work with people who have common interests. Hair is my absolute passion and I could never imagine doing anything else. I like to keep busy giving back to the community doing things like cuts for cancer, I also enjoy doing hair in photo shoots and working on film sets. I wanna make my mark in the hair industry and will work my butt off until I do! ...more