Performing Art – Indianapolis, IN

KRISTA STEARLEY • KATALYST I am a hoop dance artist! I infuse dance and hula-hoops to create an interesting, fun and energetic jig. As a young girl, I was always an athlete and dancer; so it all came so naturally to me once I discovered the art in 2014. Since then, I've taught hoop fitness classes at my local YMCA, donated a lesson and performance to a local dance team fundraiser, and ended up in a local magazine with my beloved circles! I figured if I could accomplish that much in Terre Haute, imagine what my hoops could do in the city! Since moving to Indianapolis in August of 2017, I have had the pleasure of being selected for Electric Forests Performer Plug-in as well as a stage performer for Morflo Music Festival! I am also apart of an awesome hoop and gogo dance team called Skys Angels. We perform every Saturday night in the Taps and Dolls Complex downtown! And just recently, I became sponsored artist with a wonderful company called Hoopers Accents! The lovely lady who owns this shop handmakes beautiful, taped hula-hoops. I am beyond grateful for all the opportunity and connection my plastic circles have brought me! Outside of the circle, I love to cook, draw, practice yoga, hit the gym, dabble in aerial arts such as; silks, lyra, spanish rope, and pole. I love any form of expression and truly respect all the different ways it manifests! I am stoked for another performing experience and glad I get to share it with some other awesome artists! ...more