Music – Vancouver, BC

Adam and Matt are brothers that play in the band, LaBidos. They are based out of Vancouver, Canada. The brothers were born and raised in Toronto where their father owns the drumshop, Soul Drums. The heartbeat of the sound is something you will feel from these two dynamic entertainers. Their setup can be as simple as an acoustic guitar, a box drum (cajon), with vocals. Adam is an experienced singer/songwriter who also plays the role of recording engineer/producer in the studio. Matt plays the drums/percussion and shoots the videos. Their music is soulful with elements of R&B, world funk, and folk music, all glued together using popular songwriting arrangements. Adam has spent lots of time traveling and working in different projects over the years. He has written for Tourism Vancouver, Nissan Canada, and even the Top 40 radio hit, Summer Vibes. LaBidos make videos and record from home under their own label, Home Records. Touring is on the horizon, having just finished recording hours of original material. Aside from releasing albums, LaBidos also film a web-series and create wellness blogs to focus on good food and healthy living. The two brothers use comedy to keep positive and inspire an upbeat environment ...more