Lacey Card

Beauty – San Diego, CA

A passion for creativity and self expression is the driving force behind my career as a hairstylist. I have been given the gift of helping people achieve on the outside, how they feel on the inside! Growing up I was always interested in hair and makeup. I styled my friend's hair for school dances, colored my own hair and even attempted a haircut on a very brave soul. So enrolling in beauty school was the natural next step. Cut to years later, I get to love what I do every single day! I regularly attend continuing education and am always interested in the latest trends and techniques. I specialize in bridal and party hair but my real passion is helping break the boundaries and "rules" of what gender goes with what hairstyle. My wish is to help androgynous and non binary folks find a comfortable space to explore self expression through their own personal style. It is important to me that everyone, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, size or race can feel comfortable with how they present themselves to the world. ...more