Lauren Flanagan Art

Visual Art – Connecticut, CT

Lauren is a visual artist from Milford, Connecticut, who creates everything from pen illustrations, paintings, hand crafted jewelry and decor, henna tattoos, to earthy, wildly inspired floral design. The geometrical order and striking beauty of nature is something that guides her design and as such, mandalas, as well as, animal and plant totems are present in much of her work. Her art serves its highest purpose when it speaks to the artist inside its viewer and inspires a journey inward, toward a deeper understanding of one's own creative power and purpose. After obtaining a degree in Graphic Design in 2009 Lauren has since explored many different mediums and has expanded from graphic design onto visual fine art and some more tactile art forms. In 2014 she began working in floral design and it soon blossomed into a deep passion that embedded plant symbolism into her psyche and as a result, all of her art forms. She offers her art as a reminder of our connection to our roots and to the Earth, to respect it and to honor it. Today, she ​promotes her art online as well as at fairs and galleries. She is also accepting fine art comissions, graphic design projects, and is available for private henna sessions or henna parties. Check out to see more of her work. ...more