Lauren Hulbert

Music – San Francisco, CA

I first began music at the age of 6, taking piano lessons until the age of 18 and competing in Bach and classical festivals. I taught myself guitar when I was 14 and soon after began composing songs. I never really thought of myself as a singer, but as the years went by, and after singing all the time, I found that I had developed a voice. I love traveling and whenever I do I always take my guitar to play for others around the world and hear others play. I typically write on acoustic guitar, but I have found myself coming back to the piano more often. I write about an array of human conditions - light and dark - love, hope, joy / loss, sadness, sin, and pain. I write because I love doing it and it comes very naturally, but the most satisfying thing is when someone feels a connection and understanding to one of my songs, which can help him/her through a tough time or simply make him/her smile. Music connects us and heals our hearts! Please check out to hear more songs from me :-) ...more