Linnea Tober

Visual Art – Baltimore, MD

Linnea Tober was born and raised in Monmouth Beach, NJ and lives and works in Havre de Grace, MD. She received her A.A in graphic design,a B.A. in Art History and an M.A.T in art education. She has been exhibiting throughout the US for over ten years. A self-described ‘colorist’ at heart; Linnea thrives when playing with color in her abstract works. Her unique photographic abstractions focus mainly on nature, the intricate textures, shapes and shadows Mother Nature creates. She shoots those images, always thinking of what they can ‘become’ or be transformed into. Linnea is am a painter with a camera. She then twists and tweaks her photos to make them into her own ‘nature photographic abstractions’. Sometimes you can see the original image and sometimes not, it all depends on where the muse allows her to go. She believes the true photographer moves to get the shot, they do not wait for the shot to ‘happen’, they make it happen. This medium feels to her as if working with Mother Nature, rather than against her. ...more