Little Reality

Visual Art – Melbourne, VIC

Colleen Little, the creator of Little Reality, draws, paints and embroiders all of her images by hand. Her art focuses on finding pleasure, joy and positivity in the everyday world. She draws simplistic representations of people, places or things that symbolise different moments of happiness. Using a light board enables her to replicate the original icon over and over again creating an appealing pattern and a meditative process. The designs vary in organisation, with some measured while others more organic or chaotic. Colleen’s style has been influenced by artists and illustrators, whose work, she has been exposed, at varying points in her life. Some of these artists are: Richard Scarry, Michael Martchenko, Shel Silverstein and Daphne Odjig. These professionals have helped to bring out a colourful, playful and relatable presence to Colleen’s work. ...more