Laurie Fancher-Long

Photography – Sacramento, CA

Who am I?...I\'m a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister and when I can be a Photographer. In 2009 I faced death head-on, and I very nearly lost my life. I realized my 8-5 job was my life, that my family had come second, and some times third in my priorities to my career, and everyday responsibilities. That reality check and a Gift(my camera)from my husband on our 9 year wedding anniversary changed my life. I was rewarded with a renewed passion I had had since High School. Photography for me has been a means of escape, to get lost in a moment, to show my soul, to have a voice, and above all a chance to share the beauty of life. To show that No matter how dark it can get in life there is always light at the end, you just have to look for it. My photography consist of my surrounding world, I look for a feeling or a memory to cherish, and if I\'m lucky it all works out, and I get a great photo. ...more