Made With Love by C. Wills

Accessories – Indianapolis, IN

During my lifetime, I have had quite a wild ride. I married my childhood sweetheart, raised four wonderful children and have lived in many states due to my late husband's career. Even though I was raised in a little suburb outside Chicago, I prefer to think of myself as a "Georgie Peach" because my Army Paratrooper father was stationed at Fort Benning, Georgia, and that is where my life literally began. I grew up in a city so small they didn't install sidewalks until the mid 70's and we only had one stop light. I went to school with all the same children from Kindergarten and we all graduated High School together. We left the Chicago area in 1978 and headed to Colorado, and that started our journey with a new state every couple of years. Five years in Colorado, 15 years in Georgia, a short time in Orlando, Florida. My "job hopping" included industries from the Railroad, to Civil Defense, to becoming a Medical Practice Administrator, and even as a Law Enforcement Officer here in good old Indianapolis, Indiana. I graduated from Marian University in 2010 with my Associates in Business Management & Administration and recently graduated from Marian University with a double Bachelors in Business Management & Administration and the other for Health & Human Services this year. Once I was able to retire from "working" I took on the best job of all, being a "Nana" to my eight grandchildren! Piece of cake, Right? By far it is the best job I have ever had and would not change it for all the money in the world! ...more