Marguerite Bottorff

Visual Art – Washington, DC

Growing up a 4th generation Washingtonian was an indescribable experience. My grandfather, a non-believer in traditional academia, would take me out of school and to the National Gallery of Art every few weeks to flex my budding art skills. There, he would give me a brand new sketchbook and encourage me to get lost in a piece I admired. For an hour I was to follow my creative instincts, then meet him in the cafe by the fountain for lunch and a critique. The impromptu lessons with my grandfather ushered me towards the College of Charleston, where, in 2013, I graduated with a BA in illustration. Rediscovering my love of painting has been a new and welcomed change. After a long hiatus from the canvas, I was showed an incredibly burnt pizza dough with a giant, burnt bubble. Something seemed to reignite and awaken my passion for painting, which has catapulted me into a unstoppable creative frenzy of a painting for the past few months. I cannot wait to wake up and paint again tomorrow. ...more