Meg Morton

Visual Art – Canberra, ACT

I am a self taught artist with many artistic interests and passions. My goal is to one day own a studio gallery where I can help to support, build and grow an art community. Last year I spent 6 months in Berlin studying life drawing and other forms of artistic expression and fell in love with the idea of making my passion my life\'s work rather than my hobby. I am very driven to achieving my goals. I created my own life drawing group that has become something wonderfully exciting and rewarding. I am opening my first solo exhibition in two weeks, and will be showing 40 original watercolours inspired by nature. I keep my mind and eyes open for new opportunities and ideas that will help me make my dreams a reality. I fill the spaces that I occupy with inspiration to keep my mind and hands busy. I love to create, and to be the change that I wish to see. ...more