Meloncholy Hendrix

Visual Art – New York - NYC, NY

I was born in South,Bronx on March 29th 1995. Raised by two creative individuals, I was constantly surrounded by art and music. My parents heavily submersed my siblings and I in as much culture as possible. My father was/is heavily into comics so that became my first love artistically. Comic Book art is what really set me on my path. When I first saw the art of the late great Jack Kirby I knew what I wanted to be. I wanted to be a pen & ink artist. From two years old on, I actively persued the medium. Everyday I drew without fail. Mostly if not always drawing pen to teach myself not to make mistakes.My talent and skill didn\'t really begin to take shape until I began attending The High School of Art and Design my sophomore year. There, I was given the tools to really be a pen & ink artist. First starting with quil pen then graduating to technical pens I became more aggrisive and hungry to grow and start my career. When it came time for college I opted against it and hit the ground running. I knew if I was gonna really try and make it, I had no time to waste. I began working a system of odd jobs until I found one as artist assistant. That the path I walk on to gain as much knowledge as can to move forward and be successful. Art is my life, that\'s it really. ...more