Melody Joy

Music – New York - NYC, NY

a feisty, singer/rapper/producer from Pittsburgh, but now diving into the New York scene. I sing, i rap & i produce. Trained in pop vocals & Opera! After discovering an old mixing program in my basement, i turned my love into a craft. And now i am own my own music company & have trademarked my music, so i could try to be professional with it. I am small & cartoony, & a lover of outlandish fashion & overly large bows. I love Horror, Sci-fi, Fantasy, & childhood nostalgia. Mixing dark & bright. The world is a crumby place & i often try to make anti-depressing music, to hopefully help people find happiness & reassurance. i am constantly trying to find out if love lasts forever, and dreams really do come true. a Constant battle between good & evil. ...more