Michelle Armitage / Armitage Designs

Visual Art – Los Angeles - Hollywood, CA

Michelle Armitage, also known as 'Miche',is a Visual Artist with a background in Sculpture, Painting and Design. She describes her work as ' An eclectic collection of original and specified Art Forms.' Armitage's artisitic education started early having grown up in a family of Disney Artists. It was in her blood from day one. The reality of circumstances in her life was to make ends meet, and that detoured her from a career as an Artist. So now, much later in life, (better late than never, right?!), Armitage is pursuing a new beginning to follow her heart in Fine Art Sculpture . Her recent work titled,"Illustrated Steel", is a collection of sculptures in which the composition is based on an intuitive approach to capture the dynamic essence, as in the spontaneity of rendering a gesture drawing. She endeavors ,'to freeze a moment in time in three dimensions, at the same time connect what already exists in reality, to what exists only in the imagination', the province of the soul. Her visceral style imbues her works with vitality and grace. This passion translates into energy that evokes the spirit of each idea which allows the beholder to experience the emotions she felt while creating it. ...more