Miss Brightside

Fashion – New York - NYC, NY

Miss Brightside is a unique artistic talent. Aptly named Brightside conveys her personae with her imagination and creativity transcending a celestial body orbiting a star. I originally studied BA (Hons) fashion design at Kingston University, UK. After years of working around the world as a fashion/graphic designer I altered my career path pursuing a career in fine art. The Ambush Gallery, Australia hosted my first solo show 2012, which was well received with 1000 attendees on opening night. After my solo exhibition ‘My Fairy Tale Perspective on Love’ I furthered my Fine Art education with a Masters at the notorious Central Saint Martin’s MA, London. I would describe myself as a performance and installation artist interested in iconography, Hollywood, fairy tales and feminine representation. The area of concern within my practice regards scopophilla, an ‘association with taking other people as objects, subjecting them to a controlling curious gaze’ Laura Mulvey’s Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema (1975, p.17) My artwork negotiates the subject of conflicted personality between the original and the exaggerated; which I explore in performance, video, billboard installations and photography. For example in Sarah Churchwell “Many Lives of Marilyn Monroe” discusses Marilyn Monroe in relationship with her overt sexual presents; ‘narcissism locates responsibility for voyeurism in the object of the gaze; she invites us to watch her, she likes it, she wants it. The double entendres in such a phrases – she wants it – are no accident: she encourages us to want her body because she wants her own. For Freud, the narcissist is her own object of desire’ (2004, p.198). ...more