Morgana USA

Accessories – Houston, TX

It all started when... Jessica was in her last year of bachillerato in El Salvador and needed to start saving up for college. She started to make jewelry with her sister Julissa out of recycled paper clips and selling them at school. She tried even to do it online, but soon gave it up to focus on college. Over the years as she studied and worked she never stopped making these pieces. She kept wanting to do something with it but never felt right about the circumstances. Her aim and the aim of Morgana usa was to make fair trade, sustainable, quality, hand crafted items from ethical resources that positively impact both the earth and people. For years she worked on it in her spare time until one day all that investment paid off and things began to come to fruition. This is only the beginning of this journey. Morgana usa aims to do so much more. We’re not after a massive profit margin, but a massive global impact to encourage and remind people to live, work and consume honestly. To always pay the true cost whilst respecting others and the planet we live on. ...more