Morse Code

Music – Omaha, NE

As any good Nebraska band should meet, Jon Rowe and Ricki Duffy met in a corn field in July 2012. Ricki had been doing music on her own for 5 years and when Jon presented the thought of adding him on drums, the idea was just ridiculous. But they tried it anyway... The band had a very rocky start. There were often naps taken in the middle of practices because the energy and frustration levels wavered immensely. But the one thing that started and never stopped, from the beginning to right now, is the laughter. Jon and Ricki found making music \"fun\" more than anything and that\'s what has kept this band alive and thriving. The Band has just released their first ever Morse Code album titled \"Sailing\" and currently plays shows in and around Omaha. They truly enjoy what they do and are literally dedicating their lives to music. One day at a time Morse Code is creating music that embraces life, let\'s people dance, sing, laugh, and maybe even be saved. ...more