NeAani AkA

Music – Indianapolis, IN

A natural native of Indianapolis, IN, NeAani AkA began creating music at a very young age. "I used to write full songs with hooks and bridges and everything! Me, my big sister and my big cousin would practice for a whole weekend straight. Our family made sure we performed for every family gathering, even at church." After years of molding herself and discovering her interests, NeAani soon revealed she had a talent for writing not only R&B, but rap lyrics as well. Falling deeply in love with the sounds of mixing R&B vocals with hip hop lyrics, NeAani AkA stepped on the music scene with her first stage performance in 2013 as one of the opening acts for Strange Music artist, Stevie Stone. "I hit the stage two days in a row and I Loved it! They loved me! I couldn't believe I actually had FANS!" NeAani exclaimed. This was only the beginning of a new creation. NeAani AkA is currently working to drop her first album late 2018 following her first project, an EP titled "Improper Diagnosis". She announced as of early April, her album will include a few pre released singles such as "All Eye Know", "Out of Time", "Questions feat. Choo Scott" and "I'm Hot feat. Osoking Mezzy & Amillithoughts". With plenty of opportunities and networking paths, NeAani AkA plans to continue her journey, expand her knowledge, and spread her positive energy through love and music! To be continued... ...more