Nick Mattea

Photography – San Diego, CA

I'm attracted to the dark shines, roaming a gritty city. Originally from the SF Bay Area, then Santa Cruz... moved south to San Diego so I can round out my California experience. Photography stuck with me after I parted with my clothing company in 2014 (Anycal Clothing). Ended that endeavor right alongside my "career job" as a diesel technician, to travel unbound and indefinitely, searching for tangible happiness. Landed close to home in Santa Cruz where I settled for 2 years, to start fresh and steer down an artistic path. What I found there was a romance that still burns today, while the bartending and retail photo career attempts fizzled fast. We both left for more opportunity in San Diego, running on our mutual yet personal desire! I am now setting up and running audio/video for live events, connecting a passion for sound with a diverse career path! Loving long hours and working toward unforgettable experiences. Photography will always be with me, finding shine amongst the grime. Addicted to the streets, my work expresses dark corners and obscure angles. Being a part of RAW has reignited and focused my artistic direction. Please surf around our online community, enjoy the art of mine and fellow creators. See you October 10th at the House of Blues, San Diego! (... anywhere and everywhere thereafter.) ...more