Music – Nashville, TN

MOLLĒ, ALTERNATIVE POP/ELECTRONIC ARTIST/PRODUCER HAILS FROM LOS ANGELES VIA NASHVILLE AND IS ONE OF THE FEW FEMALE ARTISTS OUT THERE WRITING AND PRODUCING HER OWN MUSIC. Although her debut record is coming summer of this year, she’s not a newcomer to the music world. Teaching herself the violin and piano and touring as a child, MOLLĒ grew up in the music industry and is already a celebrated instrumentalist and Grammy-Award nominated writer/musician. She has her hands in every aspect of her music, from songwriting to production, and the result is well-worth it. In the same vein as Halsey, Tinashe, Banks, Troye Sivan, and Imogen Heap, MOLLĒ stands out for her intriguing instrumentation, heartfelt vocals, honest lyrics, and alternative production. Her sound and debut album, "SPLiT", is gritty, honest, dark, and more expressive than the manufactured pop flooding the streets, but certainly no less catchy. ...more