Oona Upland

Performing Art – San Diego, CA

I, Charles McGrath, am an artist, performer, actor, and entertainer. I write, sketch, act, sing, and dance, and have done so for as long as I can remember. A passion for musical theatre, and over a decade of performing has brought me to where I am today, and said love of musical theatre, in addition to technical training, has helped to craft my drag persona: Ms. Oona E. Upland. Oona Upland is a culmination of my role models, roles I’ll never play, & roles I’d love to play, combined with inspirational women in my life, in pop culture, and in history. A modern-gay Grace Kelly, the line between both Audrey and Kate Hepburn, and the Bette Davis of the San Diego queer community. I do drag in an attempt at “preserving a dress and decorum of decades past”. It is my goal that by embodying the fashion, images, and performance styles of the glamorous bygone eras of cinema and theatre, I can keep a fraction of these women and standards alive, while hopefully educating the younger generations as well. At the very least, if I can teach you something while being in the spotlight, and you’re smiling by the end of it...my job is done. ~ Oona Upland (Self-proclaimed “Laura Linney of Drag) ...more