Visual Art – San Francisco, CA

PaulaClaudine Hobson-Coard, a San Francisco based photographer and artist. As a photographer, she specializes in concert, event, exhibit, and landscape photography. PaulaClaudine has been capturing life through the lens of a camera since a young child. She got her first big start in event and concert photography for SFJAZZ, one of the world’s leading presenters of jazz and related forms of music, a dream gig that propelled her to a number of greater opportunities. Along with her keen eye for details, she has an endless passion for photography, and truly loves capturing the moment as it unfolds. PaulaClaudine is also a global artist. Her artistic journey began years ago in the Netherland Antilles. During her early school days, PaulaClaudine’s artistic ability was discovered by her grand-father, a well-known architect in the Caribbean, her Mom, an accomplished classical pianist and designer, and her father, a musician. With her family’s tutelage and encouragement, PaulaClaudine was able to sharpen her (drawing) artistic skills. As a child, she would spend quality time drawing, painting, and playing music together with her Mom, Dad, and brother. PaulaClaudine attended San Francisco State University where she majored in Broadcast Communications and Classical music, with an emphasis on Opera as a soprano vocalist. During her college career she took advantage of the Jazz program where she studied voice, cello, guitar, and piano, and performed in the university’s Jazz and Swing Combos. She also found time to pursue her passion for foreign languages, studying Arabic, Italian, and Spanish. Later, she joined the staff of SFJAZZ Organization, where her newsletters, many of which expressed the current music issues, became a popular installment of the monthly publication. While PaulaClaudine continued to relish in her love for art, she also developed a new talent as an avid photographer. She was able to put this new skill to task at SFJAZZ, filling in as an event photographer and concert emcee (master of ceremonies) on several occasions. PaulaClaudine is an abstract / landscape artist. Her main subjects are the beautiful landscapes, and seascapes, and places in the Caribbean where the artist grew up as a child. She expresses her youth and Netherland Antillean experience with an artist\'s hand in vibrant hues that bring the color, cadence and culture of the Caribbean to life. Her medium of painting is acrylic on canvas. Her photographic background, namely her attention to composition and detail, are strong influences in many of her paintings. From 2005 through 2012, PaulaClaudine has produced one-woman art & music shows in many venues throughout the Bay Area and Southern California. Her art has been exhibited at Park Chow Restaurant SF in 2011, VC Marketplace in Ventura County in December 2011, Cozy Corner in Ventura County in October 2011, and CVJ & Associates in Ventura County from 2005 to 2010, and the Sausalito Seahorse Art Show August 2012. From 2009 to present, her artwork can still be featured in galleries throughout Southern California. Her creativity within herself is so strong that she had a studio built solely for the creation of her music and art, and all her available wall space is devoted to her artwork “a feast of colors!” Brilliant tropical greens, cheerful yellows, parrot reds, and warm browns which brings her work to life. Her goal is to show to the world the cultural diversity and many places of the Netherland Antilles as he sees them. PaulaClaudine continues to pursue her love for self-expression through the performing arts, visual arts, and communications. She is presently managing, promoting, and performing in the Love Struck band, and JAM band, two local music bands as a lead singer, guitar player, and percussionist. She writes original music which she performs throughout the Bay Area and Southern California. PaulaClaudine is pursuing her passion as a freelance photographer, capturing events, festivals, runway fashion shows, music concerts, corporate parties, and landscapes. PaulaClaudine creates beautiful music and artwork to share with the world in hopes of bringing good energy, love, and happiness to all. ...more