Miranda Morrissey

Visual Art – Madison, WI

My life\'s greatest ambition has always been to be an artist. Even as a little girl, it didn\'t take long for me to be discontented with coloring books;I didn\'t want to just color inside the lines, I wanted to draw something that wasn\'t already there. Although I had not had my first painting class until I was a sophomore in college, I had always envisioned my life as a painter. Having become bored with my figure drawing class, I realized that I became a whole lot more interested if I could slightly change what was in front of me... it was then that I began to draw the models as dolls. I fell in love with dolls and all of the imagery and symbolism that I could incorporate with them. Using my own life\'s experiences as inspiration, I tried to translate my memories and emotions from the more traumatic events in my life into \"doll world\". Reflecting on some of my earlier pieces, I realize that at that time, I had something I needed to tell someone. And maybe that someone was the doll I created, and she continues to speak for me. ...more