Punk Majesty
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Accessories – San Francisco, CA

Punk Majesty by Alisha Amnesia is a custom one-of-a-kind line of statement pieces for men and women. Each piece stands out in a crowd, and the ethos of the brand is empowerment. Anyone who wears Punk Majesty is not only wearing a statement piece because it is one of a kind and stands out in the crowd, but also because it conveys a message of personal empowerment. This clothing line is something that I see risk-takers, tough-spirited people, music lovers and rock stars wearing. It’s not for the kind of person who wants to look like or be like everyone else. I think now, more than ever, the powerful statements made on Punk Majesty clothing fit our current political climate-- THE FUTURE IS UNKNOWN, TALK IS CHEAP, ACTIONS SPEAK; QUESTION AUTHORITY, FIGHT THE STATUS QUO, STICK TO YOUR GUNS, NOTHING CAN BREAK ME, DO MORE THAN EXIST...These are all relevant ways people are feeling and thinking right now. ...more