RoseGold Accessories

Fashion – Washington, DC

My brand was born in 2016 , it is a representation of me in so many ways. I have been creating and reconstructing clothing since the age of 12, as a way for me to express myself creatively. Handmade jewelry came a while later, I love to accessories but when I couldn't find the types of jewelry that made me ohh and ahh, I decided to create my own. I'm obsessed with denim and vintage items. I have a passion for making something into better versions of what it is already and that is exactly how my store was born. I always say "Don't see it for what it is , see it for what it CAN be". I love to merge art and fashion together by painting on clothing, I paint on everything really. So on my site you will find a fun collection of vintage denim, up-cycled clothing. handmade jewelry and more. ...more