Visual Art – Washington, DC

Hi Everyone, My name is Kimmi T. and I am a lover of art, all art. Artistry is one way to keep my mind going and exploring all possibilities through painting, and what the body craves (moisturizing your skin). I create hair treatment oils that not only give your hair length, but also penetrate deep into your scalp for healthy hair care that looks and feels amazing. It doesn't just stop there!!! I Love connecting with my inner power, so I also create Peace Beads, as a simple reminder that "You got this, it's your time" an energy booster. Also, handmade paintings of how, we as women are beautiful no matter what color, shape, or size we are. These products are RoyalsMoon!! And finally, i created a natural body line that includes bathbombs, body butters, infused body oil and bath teas to soak away all the stress :) RoyalsMoon-Empowerment ...more