Sammy D'Onofrio

Performing Art – Toronto, ONT

Sammy D'Onofrio is a Comedic Host from Toronto, Ontario. At the tender age of 6 years old Sammy was entertaining crowds of 20 every week at his little Italian grandmother's house with his vast cast of family characters. Thanks to his free-thinking father, he encouraged to study some of his favourite comedy idols, such as Eddie Murphy and George Carlin and was soon performing on stage in family weddings and fundraisers in front of hundreds of people. After a few years of working in the industry doing commercials, voiceover work and music videos with such talented artists as Barenaked Ladies and Jason Priestley, a young-looking 21 year old Sammy landed the lead role of host for K-TV on Global Television. This was broadcasted throughout Canada and in parts of America. Sammy "D" as hecwas affectionately named, was the spunky, energetic and sometimes brash face of the Network to give an identity for young kids and tweens, interviewing TV celebrities, Pro Sports stars and future young professionals such as Elisha Cuthbert and Jay Baruchel. After co-hosting two Santa Claus Parades, Sammy decided to break out into a more mature environment and was fast-tracked into the Toronto comedy scene where he would host his own shows. Within his first three months of amateur duty Sammy moved to hosting his own variety nights in the lavish Toronto area of Yorkville. Special guests included Gerry D (Mr D), and Russell Peters. After some time away Sammy came back onto the comedy scene producing shows for private and corporate functions, working along side of some of his most talented peers who were gaining recognition around the comedy circuit. With a flexible comedic repertoire, Sammy produces a positive vibe and energy every time he takes the stage. His advice to his audience and to anyone who will listen is "Live Your Dream, and never wake up" ...more