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Visual Art – Phoenix, AZ

At the age of 10, drawing book covers during reading hour in the 5th grade, Sandie Valenzuela knew deep inside that art was developing into a passion and from a passion to a way of life. Getting her inspiration through performance art, science, anatomy, fantasy and mythical creatures Sandie allowed that to help her to freely express her art I many ways and forms. From oil paintings, custom designs, logos, album art, digital portraits, and even adding digital illustrations for children’s books, Sandie does it all! In the great words of her favorite artist Salvador Dali “No Tengas Miedo a la perfección nunca lo alcanzarás” “ Have no fear of perfection- you’ll never reach it.” ...more

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Showcasing in Phoenix, AZ

ARISE at The Pressroom (21+) – Aug 08, 2019 @7:00PM