Sarah Miles

Music – New York - NYC, NY

Singer-songwriter, Sarah Miles is a young woman with a killer voice, catchy pop melodies, some fabulous high heels, and a hint of twang. As enamored with the sounds of Nashville as she is with the sounds of Brooklyn, Sarah\'s songs are as youthful and lighthearted as her spirit...though her lyrics sometimes show a weightier, pensive side. Sarah has received awards and attracted attention everywhere her voice has carried her...but one expects as much from any talented, budding artist. What stands out is her devotion to finding a unique and honest voice...simply put, Sarah\'s music is heartfelt and genuine. Sarah has toured the U.S. with Teddy Geiger, Tony Lucca, Ingram Hill, Matt Duke, Jesse Ruben, and Pat McGee. She is currently working on her first full length album with NYC producer, Dave Pittenger. Previously recorded EPs can be found under the name, Sarah Jane Wilson on iTunes: ...more