Andrew Pagana

Visual Art – Los Angeles - Downtown, CA

Andrew Pagana has found solace from the harsh realities of life and the film business by turning to painting, a medium he says he has the most independence with \"except for some very opinionated friends\". He suffers from depression, likes corned beef hash, is afraid of the dark, owls, ghosts and being contented. Personalities fascinate him so he can\'t help but paint them, whether he finds those personalities in a live person, an old photograph, or—his latest series—discarded antique teddy bears. He is an award winning screenwriter, and is currently a producing partner at Cosmic Toast Studios, where he produces and directs multiple projects including \"The Nonsense Box\" and, his personal favorite, \"Schwartzy and Pagana\". Pagana finds inspiration everywhere. The world is his oyster, yet he does not eat shellfish. He\'s a conundrum wrapped in a paradox double-dipped in a riddle... and then sprinkled in irony. He paints to relax, to express himself and to create—claiming that he only does it for himself and for the act of painting, but who really knows? If he did it for himself would he force his painting on his friends? Plus, he\'s been known to lie a lot. Which might be what makes him such an incredible artist... for lying is the basis of all art. As Picasso once said, \"art is a lie that makes us realize truth.\" But, as Andrew Pagana once said, \"Pablo Picasso can go fuck himself.\" ...more