Shan Crosbie

Visual Art – Canberra, ACT

My name is Shan Crosbie, I\'m a young painter from Canberra, Australia. I\'m a resident artist at ANCA Gallery and Studios in Canberra and study art theory and languages at the Australian National University. I am a traveller and a dreamer, I have been lucky enough to have studied and exhibited in Barcelona, Spain, and lived and painted in Naples, Italy for a year on excahnge. I have drawn in the life drawing Académie de la Grande Chaumière in Paris, and met and drawn with artists in Hong Kong. I almost exclusively utilise the human figure in my paintings. My work comes from emotional, personal and often sentimental origins. Through honesty and vulnerability in my work, I invites the viewer into my world. My work aims to entice the viewer in through their emotional curiosity, shared experience, and feeling. I don\'t know enough about anything other than myself to paint about it. ...more