Solid Soul
Solid Soul Profile Picture
Visual Art – Philadelphia, PA

Solid Soul is the artist identity of Eric Hallquist, a digital artist and illustrator working in technology, entertainment and the action sports industry. He specializes in photo manipulation, digital painting, concept art, illustration, 3D design and logo/brand development. From a young age, he gained inspiration from his favorite graphic novels, videogames and movies to start creating works of his own. Once he discovered the digital art platform and the limitless possibilities it offered, he devoted himself to mastering his craft. With endless imagination and the digital spectrum as his nexus of creativity; Solid Soul was born. Beginning his career, Solid immediately received attention by creating tribute artworks for his favorite musicians; quickly building his reputation. Soon after, he landed contracts producing artwork for several of the most well-known entities in Electronic Music. Since then, he has re-designed their visual identities through the creation of logos, album artwork, poster artwork, merchandise, social media aesthetic, and product packaging for a unified and powerful presence. His hunger for more has led him into multiple industries proving his versatile style, giving him the ability to create almost anything. To this current day, Solid is constantly pushing his limits in becoming the best he can be while actively pursuing new and exciting projects that challenge him. ...more