Shell\'ton LaBron Tremble

Visual Art – Atlanta, GA

Shell’ton LaBron Tremble was born in Georgia. He is a conceptual and abstract artist who works in all mediums and imagery. He creates innovative motifs and explores unique ways of delivering intriguing pallets of expression via mix media or textured surfaces! Shell’ton has a wide range of creations from décor to stylized art. His work is energetic and colorful! He believes in producing works that are highly inspiring and visually provoking! Shell’ton’s theme is “Stylized Visual Synergy of Art and Melody”. What is art to BRON? What defines the meaning of creativity…it is essence, exclusivity, and eternity?! I try to merge spiritual thoughts with tangible mediums. ART to me is as infinite as the mind of a youthful toddler. It can be magical realities or majestic fantasies. ART IS THE IMITATIOR OF LIFE! ...more