Spifster Profile Picture
Visual Art – Chicago, IL

As the go-to Chicago manicurist that "spiffs up" manicures to the nth degree at Salon Lōkei, Tacarra "Spifster" Sutton is known for her innovative and edgy nail designs. The witty- and undeniably zany - self taught graphic designer-cum-mani-maven got her nickname Spifster for her ability to make anything "spiffy", and credits trying to kick a bad nail-biting habit as a reason why she started putting polish to talon. Sutton's precisely-painted lines and one-of-kind geometric designs has grabbed her clientele like Debi Mazar, Danielle Brooks (of Netflix's Orange Is The New Black) & Taraji P Henson, brands such as Nike, Cadillac & Topshop, as well as a long list of devoted clients country-wide who keep her on speed dial for "spiffing”. Entering 10 years of nail artistry, Spifster is returning to her graphic design beginnings and channeling those special chops through “decospiff” a interior design/wear brand made for decor lovers looking for something unlike the normal department stores selection ...more