Stephanie DesPortes

Visual Art – San Diego, CA

Hey there I'm Steph. I'm originally from the East Coast, and art has been in my life in almost every shape or form since before I can remember. I'm thankful for my family's encouragement to continue to do what I love and go to art school. I received a BFA in Illustration from Syracuse University and then moved to California on Dec. 25, 2013 (Merry Christmas to me!) . Since then I've been a barista (hello latte art!), freelance artist, Etsy shop owner, and graphic designer for a corporation. I find constant inspiration in nature, particularly the sea. If you ever find yourself on a pier watching the waves crash below you, look at the swirls in the foam after the break of a wave. Those patterns made by nature are so mesmerizing to me. And in my abstract art I love to use similar organic shapes in my mark making, coupled with gratuitous amounts of color. When I'm not making art, you can usually find me rock climbing, caring for my plant children, or being a kook on a soft top. ...more