Stevo So Evol

Music – Phoenix, AZ

I am originally from Elkhart, IN and have been doing music since I was 13. I was in Choir for 6 years and band for 7 years doing Symphonic band, pep band, marching band, all regon honor band, and Solo & Ensemble. (Main instrument was clarinet but I played other woodwin instruments as well) I originally started writing parodies but as I grew with my craft I wanted to make actual songs. I am self taught with making beats, producing, and more. I made my own merch, started my own label, and now I'm working on my 7th CD. My goal for music isn't to be famous, as cliche as that sounds, but to be known for the stories I portray with my music. Fun facts about myself: I've been in the Army National Guard since December 2014 and I have met Mike Pence 2 times when he was governor of Indiana. ...more