Stinky Skunk Studios

Visual Art – Portland, OR

Since early childhood I have been creating art. To say I am addicted to creating would be an understatement. I would label myself as an eclectic artist, simply because I can not stay with one style or one project. I let my instincts guide me in and out of each of my artistic endeavors. If I feel the need to use my brain creatively, I am drawn to collage work. If I desire working with my hands, I will sculpt with wool through needle felting. If I crave color, I can paint or make jewelry from old tin canisters. I can explore nature and the world all the while capturing special moments with my camera. And if Im feeling humorous I can alter vintage photos with cupie doll heads using photoshop to create a whole new picture and emotion. This list goes on. I spend almost every waking moment creating or dreaming of what I can create next. I often wish I could stop time itself, just so I can spend even more time each day making art. I have no formal training, and for most my life I have only created for myself and friends/family. I work a non-artistic job and have had little time to really show my art outside of my little world. Thanks to RAW I am taking more steps to getting myself out there, and looking forward to what the future might bring. ...more