Stone N Seed

Accessories – Seattle, WA

Handcrafted wearable art from the Earth; where gem and wood collectively come together to tell stories and hold memories for lifetimes to come as these materials have been here millennia and will be long after. Many of the ingredients used in these one of a kind heirlooms are personally hand collected and hand dug throughout Washington state. At the age of 19, about 7 years ago, I started digging for gems which slowly morphed into an obsession. Collecting wasn't enough at a certain point and thats when I came to the idea of "How special would it be if someone could walk away wearing a piece rather than putting it in their pocket or displaying it on a shelf." This thought provoking idea pushed me to dive down the path that has opened up so much for not only myself but most importantly everyone who resonates with this art form and that has been deeply effected by the magic of Stone N' Seed. ...more