SubRosa Dance

Performing Art – Portland, OR

Choreographers + dancers Carlyn Hudson, Cerrin Lathrop, Jessica Evans, Kailee McMurran, Lena Traenkenschuh, Tia Zapp Palomino, & Zahra Banzi came together under the nurturing, fervent, & palpable PDX energy that spurs on expression & entertainment through art + performance. Since the group’s genesis in the blooming months of 2011, SubRosa Dance Collective has hit the ground dancing. In addition to SubRosa’s own shows, the Collective has performed in numerous Portland events such as Fertile Ground Festival, The Galaxy Festival, the ONE Festival, the Someday Lounge Incubator, and Green Valley Music Festival. Shortly after SubRosa’s formation, the group dove into producing dance for film as well as exploring dance photography. The numerous short films showcase dance works in an assortment of environments, telling stories of heartache, death, remembrance, and the seasons of this dynamic life ubiquitous to all peoples. Subrosa strives to work with artists of all mediums and medias, showcasing how a “village” of artists can do so much more together, in tandem, in communication, and in support of and with each other. The bounty of possibilities and the plush room for innovation in art, is what brings beauty and poignancy into our communities, and thus, is our inspiration. ...more