Tara McCallam

Visual Art – Chicago, IL

I am an international artist, facilitator, coach and energy worker. All of my artwork is based on the energy frequencies, colors and vibrations that I receive from others. I am professionally trained in art, but it wasn't until I brought the two worlds of empath/energy work and painting together, that my art work truly came alive. Many have written me that they feel the energy of the work and it has healing capacities. The people that I work with for commissions come to me to gain a greater intimate relationship with who they are, their energy and their capacities. Many people are hiding their beauty and greatness, even from themselves and they just need a little help tapping into the trueness of who they are. Once unlocked, it is like a shining star is revealed and life's path becomes clearer. Art to me is about beauty, wholeness and healing that is beyond words. ...more