Taylor Olson

Visual Art – Calgary, ALB

Painting has always played a role in my life. It is a way for me to slow down my overactive brain, focusing on the creative process and allowing my emotions to reign over rational thought--something that my challenging ‘day job’ does not typically allow for. My love of natural phenomena translates into my paintings and career as a geologist. Colour is my lifeblood: the moody greys of an approaching thunderstorm, the deep teals of the ocean, the oxided strata in the mountains…Nature always lends itself to the perfect colour palette. Texture is equally important, giving my paintings depth and physicality, breathing new life into them with each passing shadow. My preferred medium is acrylic paint, although inks, watercolour, and paper clippings have been known to join the party. I enjoy painting abstracts, because they are so personal. Abstracts can be anything you want them to be. Abstract art reveals a new story each time your fresh eyes study the canvas. It is bold, interesting, and unapologetic. Painting an abstract grants you absolute freedom, pure expression, and fearless composition. And the best part? The painting tells YOU when it is finished. My decision to donate part of my proceeds stems from my longing to give back to the community. The tools I possess as a geologist do not easily lend themselves to charity work, so painting became my vessel to pay it forward. My goal is to beautify your space and simultaneously make a difference in the community. ...more