H. Walker III

Visual Art – Austin, TX

I am a self-discovering artist who enjoys the complete freedom of creating visual art. Originally from Philadelphia, PA., I have lived in Texas for over 25 years. As a child, I was inspired by comic books and movies. I began using art as a way to express my own imaginative visions and ideas. It wasn't until high school that an attentive art instructor catalyzed my evolution as a young artist. I gained a greater appreciation for both art and art history. More importantly, I was no longer limited to the ubiquitous Bic pens, no.2 pencils and notebook paper. Today, I work with everything from oils and acrylics, to watercolor and pastels. The fact remains, that I am still most confident when using a pencil or pen. This is evident in much of my recent work, where I meticulously blend graphite and ink with other mediums. Admirers of my work have referred to me as “talented” or “gifted”. I, prefer the term “practiced”. I strongly believe that everyone has the propensity to create unique and wonderful art. ...more