The Leaf Pile

Visual Art – Indianapolis, IN

I live with general anxiety and depression, art has provided ways to escape and to express myself. I am into a lot of different creative endeavors, but each brings its own challenges that make my life fuller and colorful. In painting, watercolors offer a slight lack of control compared to the quick work of acrylic. I build up layers in my painting (watercolor and acrylic works). My paintings are inspired by the ocean and rugged landscapes I encountered during a trip to the Outer Hebrides of Scotland. They represent my ultimate in calm and escapist art. Blackout poetry requires all of my focus. I looks for words that stand out, then creates new meaning with that page. Blackout poetry requires attention to perspectives, context and placement of what is covered and what is seen. Steampunk serves as way to play with an aesthetic and let my childish imagination go. I love the idea behind reusing what other consider junk into a fun, new piece of work. Chain mail jewelry is my favorite ways to keep my hands busy. This activity give my mind time to wander through other problems in my life. Often I can work out a solution as part by part, tiny links become a beautiful whole. ...more