Esha Banavali - The Odd Fox

Visual Art – Melbourne, VIC

Hi there! I'm Esha. I'm an illustrator from Melbourne who is taking the plunge and pursuing my dream to create everyday. It all started with a simple new years resolution - to spread joy and happiness. The goal was to hand make personalised birthday cards to all my loved ones to remind them how special, loved and beautiful they are. Creating cards and illustrating stirred something inside me. I took the plunge and decided to showcase my work and now I have something that truly makes me happy. I really hope The Odd Fox can bring some happiness into your life too. Why the Odd Fox? - I am a little odd myself. I'm learning to embrace my imperfections and be proud of who I am, what I'm made of and what I love. Embrace your oddness! Oh, and I absolutely adore foxes. ...more