Tidal Creations ... a Persefóni Tide project

Photography – Brisbane, QLD

Beth Thompson aka Persefóni Tide is a QLD born, self taught photographer. Though self taught, Beth has grown since she started in 2009 with her own unique style of punchy photography. Working on the fact that EVERYONE is unique she implements that in every session. Beth has also studied Fine Art throughout her life which complements her unique photography. Tidal Creations covers anything from Weddings to Baby Portraits to Bellydance Events. As a fusion bellydancer herself for over 5 years this is one of her passions. Her main passion is Alternative style photography and Artistic nudes working with people from genres including Gothic, Body Modified, Fetish, Cosplay, Drag, to name a few. Beth has just recently become part owner and Photographer of GOREgeous Portraits with Charmaine Warpaint MUA, another great RAW artist!!! ...more