Tony Smart

Music – Toronto, ONT

Toronto radio really shaped my taste for the underground when I was in my early teenage years. I forgot all about the punk rock that had been my main focus before that. I grew up in a musical family and there was a full-on recording studio in my basement from early on. After years of trying to perfect my craft I thought it might be finally time to start sharing what I was doing with the world. I was discovered on Soundcloud by Robin Chappel of Plastik Philosophy UK who was in the past teamed with Mark Knight and Toolroom Records. I have been creating House, Techno, most forms of underground dance music professionally for the past few years. After my 1st couple sinlges I ended up on a compilation put together by Rainer Weichhold. This spoke to me and I raised the bar. My next release was with No.19 Music. I love the entirety of the underground and love to release in different genres under Monikers such as Pas De Nom, or Smartbomb. I hope you enjoy!!! ...more