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Fashion – Seattle, WA

From a young age I was given the opportunity to face adversity, whether it was medical issues that landed me a wish with the Make A Wish Foundation, social issues, or issues that I brought on my self. I remember it was about half way through our clothing line project in my Fashion Design and Marketing class in high school when I really realized I had a passion for clothing. Fast forward to 2016, I'm a concierge for a residential high rise building in Downtown Seattle, I am a single father and barely scraping by. I am stuck in this place of uncertainty trying to figure out where I went wrong in life and why I don't have a passion, I decided to go back in time and think about everything. I started to realize how much chaos there was in my late teens to my late twenties, Then I flashed on that day in Fashion Design and Marketing class; an Idea was conceived. Present day, I have a passion that I am absolutely excited about, I have met the woman of my dreams and in the process of planning a wedding. I am still working in property management with the goal in sight to be working for my self. I have realized that life isn't about finding your way through the storm, its about conquering it. TygerStorm represents the drive and motivation it takes to not only challenge the uncertainty and adversity in the storm of life, but to dominate like a beast, like a Tyger. TygerStorm MMXVI ...more